My name is Lucas Le Slo, and I’m an indie games developer and Astra fellow, working on Alephant.


I got interested in making video games in 2016 (when I was 26 years old) after playing The Witness, which reminded me of playing Myst with my family as a child. I had always loved how multidisciplinary video games were, I just never considered it as an activity or job I could do.

This interest started at the same time I got my first day job, so I had to learn how to do games on my own in the afternoons, nights and weekends. I started using Game Maker because it let me iterate on game design (the real thing I was interested in) the fastest.

My approach in general regarding creative activities has always been thinking less and doing more. Choose any idea that inspires you in the slightest and work on that, whatever the result is, and work more from the output of your own work than the input. Also, I'm a strong believer that finished products are essential to grow, because you can better point at what works and what doesn't. Game jams are the perfect format for it: very low stakes, a very limited time window, and a ton of exhausting fun.

After a few years of creating small free projects, I got to be a fellow on the Astra program, where I got the amazing opportunity to work on the types of game I love full time.


Awards & Recognition

  • Fellow from Astra during 2021-2023